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Elizabeth Herrington Spiritual Medium

With great clarity and compassion, Elizabeth can provide names, dates, physical descriptions and life details, so that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your loved ones are still with you. She often receives past, present and future information. However, her main focus is to give you confirmation that she is in contact with your loved ones on the other side, by providing accurate and detailed information that only you and your loved ones would know.

In-Person private single one-hour session is $200 (1-2 people). A complementary CD of the session is provided to you. Feel free to bring a back up if you like. For the single session you can bring a friend or family member with you at no extra charge.

In-Person private family 1.5 hour session is $300 (3-5 people). A complementary CD of the session is provided to you. Feel free to bring a back up if you like.

For all in-person sessions. No advanced payment or deposit needed. You can just pay at the time of your session. We just ask that if you can't make it, give us a 48-hour notice due to the wait list.

If you are traveling with your dog, you can feel free to bring the dog in the session.  That way you can relax knowing your dog is safe and happy.

One-hour telephone session is $185. A complementary CD of the session is provided to you. Feel free to write things down on your end as well.

For all telephone sessions. We do required that a check or money order is sent in advance for your telephone session. If we don't receive payment before the session we will reschedule it for you. Your payment will NOT be cashed until your telephone session day. Please put the date of your session and a telephone number on your check or money order or on a note to help keep me organized.

All CD recordings of the sessions are complementary and about 99.9 percent of them turn out great. However, with spirit and energy we can't guarantee recordings won't have a static factor or recording issue.

Introduction to Spirit Workshops. Come join us and learn more about the world of spirit. How it works, the difference between being a psychic and a medium. How you can connect with your loved ones and become more in tune with your inner voice. We will do exercises that will increase your awareness of spirit as well as learn how to know when your loved-ones are communicating with you. Elizabeth will do readings for several of the workshop members as well. Each Workshop is $60 per person. See Events page for details.

Elizabeth Herrington Spiritual Grief Support sessions and workshops do not take credit cards. Advanced payment is only required for Telephone Sessions. For In-Person Sessions, you can pay at the time of service.

The best way to make an appointment or to sign up for one of the workshops would be to e-mail me at eherrington@comcast.net.  If you don't have e-mail or need to confirm an existing appointment you can also call me at 215.872.9550.  I try to get back to everyone within the week if not sooner.

Elizabeth Herrington      215-872-9550   101 North 5th St. (Suite 3, 2nd floor), Perkasie, PA 18944      

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