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Elizabeth's Chat Log Lecture from James Van Praagh's Chat Events, September 27, 2011

Thank you so much James Van Praagh for having me this evening and for your great support and kindness.  It is always fun and exciting to be a speaker in JVP’s chatroom.  Everyone is so warm and open and this is just such a loving place to share our ideas and teachings.

Before I begin, I just wanted to send a very warm hello  to the Compassionate Friends from the Quakertown, PA chapter.  I know some of you are on here this evening and I want to say that you are quite special parents and it is an honor to know you.  You have been very kind and are truly all our teachers!!

This evening’s topic is “How mediumship truly does bridge our world with spirit through energy and love and can help us move through our grief process.”

I wanted to start out with a quote by Joan Baez that I love so much and that is: “You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or When. You can only decide how you’re going to live.”

One thing that all of us together have in common this evening is the fact that we all have to deal with “that mysterious concept of death” and that someday we too will be making that journey in our own time.  It doesn’t matter who we are, where we are from, what language we speak,how powerful or healthy we are - it is going to happen and we can’t do anything about it.  Even ego can’t control loss finding its path to your door. We can only choose how to live this life in the best way we can and one of the best lines of defense is love and faith in whatever form works best for you.  Faith and love of heaven, spirit or the natural process of just moving on to the other side of the already thin veil and it is truly thinner than you think.  Our loved ones may move on to the other side before us, however, we are all going to be there someday and it has been happening since the beginning of earthly life.  However, it does not address the fact that we miss them.

We need to learn how to handle it and embracing it is just unthinkable right away unless we chose the advanced life courses when we were in our planning stages before choosing to come to this side and picking our parents or our earthly guardians.   Because that is the most difficult lesson to learn when it comes to loss.  Lets face it – we truly can’t stand it and miss our loved ones terribly and never wanted it to happen and on many days can’t begin to understand why?  Where is God you say? What is the point of it?

Every single one of us on this planet has loss in common so we really need to empathize with each other and I know deep down in my heart and what the souls communicate to me during the session is that we all have a connection to each other, an unspoken language of respect and reverence and that is that we are all mortals on the physical plane but when it comes to the spirit world we enter into the domain of immortality and I can’t tell you enough how the souls love it and want us to know it too!! They understand it and want to share it, thus they communicate with us!!

Just think in 110 years from now our earth will have a whole new set of people on it….brand new and we are just going to be like the relatives that we look at in our old 1950 photo albums, remember when? They all had a life too just as long and as important as ours with their many challenges and losses even if they are just a part of our wonderful memories!!! (It seems our memories seems to layer and fold on top of each other just like the dimensions do.)Where do we all go you ask?  Well – it all starts with energy, frequency and vibration and with lots of love thrown in!!

Lets get started!!

The first thing that comes to mind when any type of spiritual work is being conducted is energy.  There have been so many amazing books written on the topic of energy and how powerful it is and how many forms it can take.  Also, it is always mentioned that energy cannot be destroyed – ever!!  We are energy.  Our souls are pure energy!! When you add love to the mix – the energy becomes even stronger and prompts a desire for connection.  An extreme desire from a soul’s energy, which has already passed to the other side, to reach back to the world that held its “old” form can transcend all scientific barriers when there is love and unfinished business involved. We should never underestimate God, ourselves, our souls and our loved ones on the other side.  There is a scientific barrier between the dimensions, however, there are also many connections and mediumship is just one of the many.

When mediums work they work with energy, vibrations and frequencies.  When I teach my workshops I always start with molecule vibrations.  For example: In our physical world we are like an ice cube that vibrates at a certain frequency, when we take the ice cube and put it in a frying pan and heat it up, the molecules vibrate faster thus raising the frequency more until it becomes water and at last we boil the water until it vibrates so fast that it becomes steam and disappears.  That is a little like what happens to our souls when we die.  Our souls vibrate just enough to the point that it can enter the dimension at that rate of frequency.  Thus the soul begins its amazing journey to the world of spirit.

When I conduct a session, the first thing the souls do is raise my energy for me.  (I can’t do it without them – they help me everyday and I thank the souls for it – we have a mutual trust and they really adhere to it and I try to always thank them everyday for what they do for us.)  So I always say it is the souls’ work, not mine.  I am their  secretary. LOL.  I get butterflies in my stomach before every session due to the energy moving around.  The souls on the other side know that we are waiting for them and they in turn start to move around me and lower their frequency while they raise mine and the connection is made!! It is always through love that prompts the souls to stop by for one last word or connection to the sitter. When a soul does not have a chance to say goodbye, they so much want the connection and will go to great lengths in order to reach their loved ones.  Even before they get a chance to sit with a medium.  They may try very much to send communications to their families through electricity, cell phones, lights, sounds, feelings, dreams, etc.  Even just a beautiful rainbow or a loving light touch on the arm or head.   Hawks and animals too are also quite  strong connectors from spirit for us here in this world.  There are also so many books by amazing authors on the topics of after-death communications.  I would check them out. That is a whole topic unto itself!!

Remember that all the dimensions are layered on top of each other but still all occupy the same space.  Like a radio they are just on different channels or energy frequencies.  In fact, which always amazes me is that they are layered right on top of each other and are connected by frequency grids.

Always remember that regardless of what happens, you are watched over by a very highly orchestrated and organized world that knows and guides us on our journey and through our lessons.  Some of our lessons are going to be difficult ones, just letting you know, but you can get through especially when there truly is a reason behind everything even if we just aren’t allow to know it yet due to our learning that we need to do here in this world.

I want to touch on the “grief support” part of mediumship and how it really does help those who are at a point in their lives in which they have suffered a tremendous sudden loss of a loved one.   They seem to be the losses where the souls’ seem to have the most unfinished business from the both their perspective as well as ours.  These souls just love to pop in my sessions to make sure that we tell so and so that they are ok and tend to be very chatty and strong.

From a conventional standpoint, for those who are religious and attend services,I want to say one thing and that is spirit communication is just an added resource to your already strong faith.  (They should not and need not contradict each other).  It is to be considered in conjunction with your faith and an added benefit to your already established belief system.  It is just a way for us to know that there is a heaven or spirit world and our loved ones do go somewhere. It gives us a place in our mind and hearts to put our loves ones in a place that seems logical.  I tell people when they are having those times of grief when you feel the drop and the sadness overwhelmes you - you can say that they are alive and well and in a way that they are on vacation and I will see them again.  The spirit world has many beautiful places and I am sure that your loved one is in one of those amazing places having fun.  It does help one through the stages of grief being a little buffer zone or cushion for our hearts.

I would say when missing a loved one pull on all the resources that you have in order to move through you loss.  Yes, organized religion and mediumship can go hand in hand when it comes to grief.  Whatever it takes to connect us to the realm of spirit - that is what is needed.  (Remember too that everyone grieves in their own way – no one can tell you how to do this!)  They can offer suggestions, but it is truly in your hands how to handle such a life changing event.  Take as much time as you need, but know that your loved one on the other side is with you every step of the way even if you don’t feel it at the time.

Mediumship and or spirit communication is a bridge for us who are missing someone and it is both energy and love that seem to be vital for the connections.  Just because someone changes form from a physical person to a soul living on the otherside doesn’t mean that they can’t still talk to us and be with us.  The division between our world and theirs is very delicate.  When one passes over to the spirit realm it is in a split second.  Our world just fades away and the next world just pours in like sunlight on an early spring morning. When this happens many of the answers come to us about why we passed when we did.  Peace follows very quickly.

Scenario 1: Death and Loss from the human/physical
world perspective

Lets take it from the beginning of the loss journey... You are going through life and thinking more of work, family, things of this world and life seems pretty satisfying at the time right before a loved ones sudden passing.  You may be thinking of the upcoming birthday party or even fall decorations and where did you put those items last year after Thanksgiving, etc…everything seems stable…..perhaps even trivial comes to mind….

Then one Friday evening you talk with your son/daughter before he leaves to go to a friend’s house and then perhaps out to a concert or movies.  Just another ordinary evening except you get a strange feeling and your son/daughter turns around and out of the blue says “love you mom!” you turn and tell him to be careful and watch him leave with just a tingle of something not knowing enough to identify it……you quickly push it out of your mind. Of course you worry as you do every other evening that he/she goes out and comes home…..

Then it is 2:15 AM and you suddenly wake up feeling something warm and peaceful run through your spine and perhaps your body.  The phone rings….your child was in a car accident and has passed. What happens next is the journey into the grief process….life is never the same again…..the sacred and unwelcome lesson of loss has just stopped by your door……grace steps in to numb your emotions in order to get through the next step…..shock and then comes anger –……we don’t like the loss of control….we question life….everything in your reality is upside down and we are devastated.  The unthinkable…..we panic of how we are going to handle our future existence and our time left in this earth plane before we can see them again….what is forever anyway?  Can’t perceive it…..don’t want to.  You can’t even breath yet understand it…..

Scenario 2: Your son or daughter's perspective
(The soul's perspective)

What happened?  I remember leaving the concert and we were talking in the car and were having fun.  I was the passenger and everything seemed ok.  It was really late about 12:00 midnight when the concert finally ended and the drive is about 2 hours or so back to our hometown from the city.  Boy are we tired…..we are only 17/18 year olds so we were not even drinking anything just talking a lot and looking around the car at each other and perhaps texting someone…..then it happens…the accident…..never saw that out of control truck coming right at us through the intersection.

Everything is in slow motion, I don’t feel anything…..my head is hitting the dashboard but I don’t feel it…..what is going on…..it is happening fast and slow at the same time but still don’t feel anything…..I try to move my arms and they are not moving, I look over at the driver and he is looking at me and panicking.  He survived I think…..I remember him asking if I am alright.  I answer him back but he cannot hear me.  All of a sudden…..I am standing outside the car but my body is still in the car.  Is that me? No way!! Is this for real?  I have to find my parents and let them know that I am ok…I think of my home and I am there instantly and my mom and dad are sleeping.  They will be getting a call soon I have to let them know…I will just pass through them and wake them up.  All I have is love and energy to work with…

The phone rings, my mom picks up….I feel so bad for her and I am right here…can’t you see me….mom!!!  I am ok!!  This is so weird…..great I’m dead….or am I? Didn’t you feel my energy pass through your body earlier and the love?  Can you hear me?  Mom…

What I can tell you from my own life perspective and what the souls say in our sessions is that they are worried about the people they love most who are left here.  They will talk about their passing and how they passed just so you know that it is them, however, they like to mention their hobbies, favorite colors, friends, and really fun things as well. In some cases they will apologize if needed too.  It is all about love and healing and helping their loved ones move forward. They talk about things that are important to the sitters and they always seem to want the sitter to know that they don’t want them to relive their passing but that they are still with us and can see us doing things.  Also, many souls love to mention other souls who are with them and who helped them cross over.  Grandmom or an uncle or perhaps a parent if one passed on before them.

They will even mention who you just texted or what you did last week or that your roof is leaking in the kitchen.  These are called benchmarks.  Your loved ones are so far from being dead and far away.  They are usually sitting right next to you and go with you wherever you go.  They are drawn close to you when you look at their photos and pray for them.  You sending out the signals prompts them to check on you even if you don’t feel it all the time.   They can hear your thoughts and know everything about you.  They can see you and hear you.  That is why it is never to say anything not nice about the deceased.

You still have them you just have them in a different way.  You will see them again, they may have passed recently but remember that in a certain amount of years we are all going to be there with them.

What I have noticed in sessions that the spirit world likes to mention people in your family or friend group that may need extra help from the spirit world.  Perhaps someone is not well or going through a difficult time, they may just send love to them and tell the sitter to let them know that the souls are keeping an eye on things.

They are in fact watching over you just like guides and angels.  Love does propel the energy to be strong.  Remember that validation is the key! Accurate and validated communication truly does alleviate grief. It may not bring them back to this world in a physical sense but it can certainly bring them back to our hearts in a spiritual sense and they usually love to use humor!  Spirits/souls love to make the sitter (the person being read) laugh.

I chose to write that car accident example because several years ago, both my mom and I were in an airplane crash. It was a 4-seater private plane.  I was young (11) at the time but I remember it like it was yesterday. I have to tell you that when our plane hit the ground and was crashing my head was banging into the seat in front of me and my knees were scraped along the bottom of the seat in front of me and I didn’t feel a thing and it seemed to be in slow motion. 

If I died during that time I would not have felt a thing. It was when the plane stopped and I was still very much alive that the pain started which luckily wasn’t too much.  There is a very natural process when it comes to accidents. Our bodies don’t register pain that quickly and sometimes even our souls will leave our bodies before a crash if it knows there is no chance of survival.  The plane lost its whole right wing and the aircraft was quite damaged, however, we were supposed to survive.  It was not our time. That wasn’t part of the plan….

(Just want to add a humorist anecdote – my father did not know that my mom and I were going up that day and my father did not want us to go…he had a bad feeling. (Sound familiar?) After the accident my mom did not want to tell him for fear that he would be mad.  She had a lot of glass pieces from her shattered sunglasses in her eyes and her head was wrapped.  I had a headache and knee scraps but I appeared fine.  When we came home that day she told my father that she fell on a rock and hit her eye.  Why she told him that to this day I will never know. That went over fine until the newpaper came the next morning and the story was on the front page – you can just imagine how our household was that day!! It was worse than the accident itself!!!)

When I was very young my mom was told of this accident in a reoccurring dream and when we were ready to take off she saw the same trees in her dreams and she knew that the plane was not going to make it up.  However, like most people she didn’t trust her premonition at the time thinking it couldn’t be. We all soon found out that perhaps it is good to consider you premonitions.  We all have then for a reason.

Thank you so much for having me this evening! What a great group and great energy!!!



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